Tootekood: RAM-B-342U, 06030457
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The RAM® Motorcycle Fork Stem Base is one of the cleanest and most popular solutions for mounting your device cleanly on the center of your bike. This part is designed to fit into the cylindrical bore wall of fork stems and will work with stems that measure from 12 - 38mm (.5” – 1.49”).
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The RAM-B-349U includes a M10 x 1.25 pitch male thread connected to a 1" rubber ball. Threaded hole must contain the following dimensions for this base to fit: M10 1.25 pitch with a 14.5mm flange diameter with a 10.15mm thread length.
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The RAM-B-224-1U consists of a 3.3" diameter suction cup twist lock base that is connected to the (RAM-B-238U), diamond base with B size 1" rubber ball. The suction cup is designed to have an extra strong hold on any smooth non-porous surface, but for best result, mount the suction cup on a glass or non-porous plastic surface.
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GoPro® cameras have reinvented how we capture some of the most exciting moments in our lives. Nearly two decades ago, RAM began reinventing mounting systems so that enthusiasts could use their cameras and video equipment like never before. RAM is proud to offer a sleek new adapter that will bring two revolutionary product lines together and open up a world of possibilities. While the GoPro® line of mounting accessories is nothing to scoff at, the diversity of the RAM product line is simply unmatched. Dream it. Live it. Capture it. RAM Mounting Systems and GoPro® make it possible to truly “Be a HERO™”.

The RAP-B-202U-GOP1 consists of a 1" diameter rubber ball, connected to a custom GoPro® adapter. The adapter attaches directly to the under-side of the camera, replacing the factory mounting bracket.
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