Tootekood: KJ-MOTO
Ühik: kmpl
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Remote control Transmitter:
Operating voltage: DC12V (23A/12V battery x1)
Notes: Battery is dangerous in transit , so it is not provided. You need buy it separately.
Transmitting frequency: 315MHz
Encoding Type: Fixed code
Receiver sensitivity: > -105dB
Transmission distance : 80M (Open field)
Size: approx 35 x 55 x 13mm

Receiver board:
Operating voltage: DC12V
Operating frequency: 315MHz(Same with Remote control)
Encoding Type: learning code(you can buy extra 315MHz remote controllers for this receiver)
Max contact current of relay: 10A/250VAC
Board size: approx 35 x 32 x 19mm
If you set the board to interlock mode, you need a extra remote control or a 2-buttons remote control
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